We are delighted that you are interested in applying for a MERF Scholarship. The goal of the MERF Scholarship is to improve education for physicians in the treatment of addiction.

MERF offers scholarships to defray the cost of attending the annual California Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM) AConference. The next CSAM Conference date and location are tbd. Scholarships are offered to both physicians in training and teaching faculty. 

The application period is now closed and will open in Spring 2018. The submission deadline will be in, or around mid-May to June.

Click HERE to view the 2017 Residency Program Scholarship Invitation Letter. The Residency Program Scholarship Application is HERE. 2018 materials will be posted here in Spring 2018.

Click HERE for the 2017 CHCF-Sponsored Community Clinic Primary Care Provider MAT Addiction Medicine Scholarhsip Invitation Letter. This CHCF-sponsored Scholarship Application is HERE2018 materials will be posted here in Spring 2018.

NOTE: Preference is given to physicians who want to serve as clinical champions in a clinic integrating MAT into Primary Care. Unfortunately, due to legal gift limit requirements, this scholarship is not available to government employees required to file 700 forms. If you have any question about this limitation, please contact Kelly Pfeifer at kpfeifer@chcf.org

The letters include important information about the scholarship, expectations, etc. Please complete applications and return by email to merfadmin(at)gmail(dot)com.