MERF Scholars, Champions, and Faculty
2012 CSAM Addiction Medicine Review Course
San Francisco, CA



Scholarships awarded by MERF in 2012:

1. Asma Asyyed, MD, Resident, Alameda County Medical Center, CA
Specialty:  Internal Medicine
Program Director: Theodore Rose, MD

2. Rehan Attia, MD, Fellow, Loma Linda University, CA
Specialty:  Addiction Medicine, Family Medicine
Fellowship Director:  Mickey Ask, MD

3. Nicolas Badre, MD, Resident, UC San Diego
Specialty:  Psychiatry
Program Director:  Sidney Zisook, MD

4. Shabnam Balali, MD, Resident, University of Washington
Specialty:  Psychiatry
Program Director:  Andrew J. Saxon, MD

5. Nelson Castro Capera, MD, Resident, Alameda County Medical Center
Specialty:  Internal Medicine
Program Director:  Katy Hicks, MD

6. James Luzano, MD, Fellow, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Specialty:  Addiction Medicine
Fellowship Director:  Jeffery Wilkins, MD

7. Atul Munjal, MD, Resident, USC Family Medicine Residency at California Hospital
Specialty:  Family Medicine
Program Director:  Kelly L. Jones, MD

8. Zachary Plaut, MD, Resident, San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
Specialty:  Psychiatry
Program Director:  Alan K. Louie, MD

9. Kimberly Shapiro, MD, Resident, LAC+USC Medical Center
Specialty:  Psychiatry
Program Director:  Isabel T. Lagomasino, MD

10. Joan Striebel, MD, Resident, UCLA Semel Institute for Neurosciences and Human Behavior
Specialty:  Psychiatry
Program Director:  James E. Spar, MD

11. Karine Tagmazyan, MD, Resident, Loma Linda University Family Medicine
Specialty:  Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine
Program Director:  Jamie Osborn, MD

12. Serena Wu, MD, Resident, UC Davis
Specialty:  Family Medicine and Psychiatry
Program Director:  Thomas Balsbaugh, MD

13. Lynn Yen, MD, Resident, UC Davis
Specialty:  Family Medicine and Psychiatry
Program Director:  Jaesu Han, MD