Traditional MERF Scholarships

Our work is to increase and improve education for all physicians about all aspects of addiction, highlighting the clinical continuum of diagnosis, treatment and recovery for the patient and family members. We do that by involving selected residents in addiction medicine conferences, learning side by side with specialists in practice of addiction medicine, in mentored activities.

To increase the opportunities for residents and their faculty to learn about the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism and other drug dependencies, MERF offers scholarships annually to these four-day conferences on addiction medicine. Scholarships are offered to both physicians in training and teaching faculty in residency training programs.

Activities for residents such as case discussions, brief meetings with faculty members, with an emphasis on effective, high quality medical education are scheduled during each conference. Scholarship recipients sit together remotely during the conference and participate in activities designed for them.

The scholarship pays the conference registration fee, a syllabus, and a motivational interviewing workshop which will take place on August 24th – August 27th, 2022. Priority in the selection of scholarship recipients is given to “teams”** of one resident and one faculty member or two faculty members from the same training program. 

**Each team member must submit an application and upload a letter from the Program Director.

Scholarship recipients are expected to be present throughout the conference and participate fully from its beginning until the close of the conference.

Follow up Journal Club meetings/conference calls and scholarly projects help residents and faculty meet the ACGME requirements for scholarly activity.

The Motivational Interviewing Workshop has been opened to non-MERF participants.

The MERF Board of Directors will review submissions and follow-up with all applicants.

Deadline to apply is May 20th, 2022!